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Empowered to Change Takes Efforts to the Streets


Volunteers and local supporters of Empowered to Change will join together to personally hand deliver various winter weather kits to at least 100 homeless and community members in transition living in Hampton Roads, VA, on November 2019.

Annually ETC makes strives to support those experiencing homelessness through its formal initiate, “Operation We C.A.R.E.”


“Through Operation We C.A.R.E. ETC is able to meet the needs of the community one person at a time,” said Mrs. Lisa Rodgers, Empowered to Change founder and CEO. “There are many community members within the city of Newport News, as well as our surrounding cities, who barely have enough items to sustain themselves for a few weeks, let alone throughout the winter months.”


Homelessness is national issue that affects the lives of both men and women.


For the founder and those who participate, their efforts serve as a reminder for others to understand that regardless of where one lives or what his or her’s current circumstance may be each person living in the community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. 


“Just because one doesn’t have a place to stay or have the necessary resources to get through the seasons doesn’t make that person any less than,” Rodgers said. “As I speak with everyone we encounter I feel overwhelmed with joy because we did something to make a difference in the lives of human beings for that moment.”


Each year ETC has increased the number of community members it supports through this initiative. Last year the organization doubled its efforts, logged more than 80 man-hours, and raised over $500 to fulfill this mission. 


Operation We C.A.R.E. is an annual event that allows community members an opportunity to donate items that the city's homeless community members can use to survive Virginia's cold weather months.

Anyone interested in further supporting ETC’s efforts visit

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